Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Where, Oh Where Is Just Me

Here I am! Back from...oh wait, I can't tell you. Nerd Man has insisted that I keep this as anonymous as possible...Oh, well. I am here now!

Our Home Teacher called a couple of night ago, end of the month you know. He wanted to stop by and visit with us. Ummmm, we haven't been to church in over two years, we have declined several calls to come meet with the Bishop, ignored numerous Primary invitations, plus the fact that we have never even met this man; sure come on over! NOT! Nerd Man actually took the call, he kindly told Brother Eager that this wasn't a good time and promised to call if we need anything.

Just Me: Why didn't you just tell him that we attend the Methodist Church up the street and are very happy with our choices in life? You could even have invited him to attend church with us.

Nerd Man: Are you kidding me? Do you really want to be inundated with homemade baked goods, preserves and copies of the Ensign? As soon as we put them on alert that we are out, not just inactive they will be on us like flies on manure!

Just Me: Did you just compare us to horse poop?