Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We attended Sunday School at the local LDS ward a few weeks back.

What was I thinking?

I was thinking that I need to do something to jump start my journey, my quest. I'm stagnating, hopelessly sitting in limbo.

The children did not appreciate the experience.

Nerd Boy is very adamant that the LDS church is NOT the one true church, the members are hypocritical and self-righteous, they focus too much on men (JS, BY, GBH, etc.) and leave little to nothing for the Lord or Christ. He wants nothing to do with it.

Drama Queen found it ironic that the same girls that will have nothing to do with her at school because our family left the LDS church suddenly want to be best buddies with her. Can you say missionary opportunity?

Monster Child was thrilled, as the little girl in his Kindergarten class whom he has a crush on is mormon. Though he did tell the Primary Teacher a week later when we chanced to run into her, "We're NOT mormon, you know!"

Nerd Man had a right fine time. He was amused beyond all decency. I sat in the lobby listening as he attended Priesthood (As there was no way in H*ll, I was attending RS), it was quite funny.

The arrogance and assumptions left me speechless. Nerd Man just laughed, swatting away there implications like no more than pesky flies.

Public Service Announcement for any LDS members who may be reading this:
~do NOT assume one who leaves cannot live the WOW,
~do NOT assume one who leaves was unwilling to tithe,
~do NOT assume one who leaves was unwilling to "live" the life of a Saint,
~do NOT assume one who leaves was doing so to live an immoral life,
~do NOT assume all who leave are unhappy and must return to "the church" to
find happiness, and
~do NOT assume one who leaves was offended.

The implications which they fired at Nerd Man would not encourage anyone to return to the church.

I must say though, it was wonderful to see our dearest friend. He is like another father to Nerd Man and me; he blessed all of our children, he loved us and taught us, he has never judged us or found us lacking. Some days, I would consider returning to the church just to see the smile it would put on his face.

And yet here I sit...hmmm, limbo.


Stephen said...

Its good to have friends.

Too bad you've had so much pain otherwise.

tracy said...

I followed your link on my blog- I'm sorry you have such a crappy experience with your ward. I can relate- and if I hadn't switched wards, I would probably have gone inactive.

It really is unfortunate that so many church member equate fitting a cookie-cutter mold with being righteous. It's just crap.

I found my community online in the blogs- where I met people who didn't fit the mold, but who still maintained their faith. I hope you find something akin to that... whatever it is you are looking for.

Best of wishes on your journey. - oh, and feel free to contact me if you like- I've been there.

tracy said...

Oops- the link back doesn't seem to work. This is Tracy M from Dandelion Mama and MMW.